Archives Management


In the creation of archival collections for clients, SMY Historical Services offers:

~ Appraisal of the collection to determine cost and duration of the project ~
~ The procurement of archival supplies for the collection~
~ Organization of materials according to the current standards practiced in the profession~
~ The housing of all papers, photographs, and ephemera in proper archival-quality enclosures, which are then stored in archival boxes~
~ The development of finding aids for the collection in order to describe the nature of the materials, as well as the location of papers, photographs, and other items within the collection~
~ Implementation of procedures and regulations for patrons' access to the collection~
 As an archivist, Stephen Yautz has created and managed archival collections for several organizations, including the New Jersey Historical Society (Newark, New Jersey), and the Garden Club of Somerset Hills (Far Hills, New Jersey).
Many of the Finding Aids for the collections created for the New Jersey Historical Society by Stephen Yautz were done as part of the Society's "Farm to City" project, which was funded by a grant from the the National Historical and Public Records Commission (NHPRC) . These collections, along with the work of the entire project, can be viewed at the New Jersey Historical Society's website by clicking on the link below. 


New Jersey Historical Society EAD Finding Aids